story1_1For more than twenty years, founder and creator Carrie’s favorite part of her Sunday morning routine has been browsing the Vows column in the New York Times, rewinding to the beginning of each couple’s saga. Reflecting on her own “that’s how we met” tale, Carrie wondered… if other people enjoyed these details as much as she did, wouldn’t they love a place to share their own story and read others too? Whether they made eye contact across a crowded subway, or sparred with each other in a meeting, people have found love from hockey leagues to hospitals to hiking the Himalayas. But the one thing they all have in common, everyone loves to tell their “how we met” tale. And that’s how thatshowwemet.com was born. Delight in funny, unlikely, and heartwarming tales of how people found their special someone. Read them all and submit your own story today!

Carrie is also the founder of You’re engaged! Now what?, and creator of the lifestyle blog, It’s Droolworthy. When Carrie is not combing the internet for fabulous content to include on her blog, she can be found playing with her dog, exercising, volunteering or napping.